Knit through top edge of each open box to create RUFFLES! Chacha Join Instructions: Open up hank and put on a secure surface or a yarn swift. Wrap yarn around the label, keeping yarn flat so ribbon is not folded or twisted. This will make knitting with Cha Cha yarn easy. Place ribbon on left side of work. Holding ribbon with open boxes on top, fold end of ribbon over towards front and overlap two boxes in a row. Hold ribbon on backside of knitting as if on a knit row. Place point of Rt. needle into first stitch on left needle. Pick up top edge of open boxes of folded Cha Cha, from back to front of boxes, and pull through to knit the stitch. Repeat for next stitch across. Each stitch for balance will be top of single box only across the row. Turn work and repeat for desired rows, stopping 2sts before the end of last row. Cut through center of ribbon at 5th open box. Fold ribbon forward over itself to line up 2 boxes in a row. Work last two boxes through both top edges of boxes to hem. If working Rev. Stock St., first row will be knit and second row will be purl. All ruffles will be on one side and will be very full and thick. If you love this amazing yarn, take a look at our Tundra yarn, which also creates those beautiful ruffles!

: 65 yards (59 meters)
: 100 grams (3.53 ounces)

: 12.0 sts = 4 inches
: US 8 – 10 or 5 – 6mm

: 47% Acryli, 47% Wool, 6% Nylon