Winter Faery Hat is a wonderful warm hat for your child. This hat designed so that it consists of two layers.

Design: Tatyana Rybalkina.

Size: 50-52 cm circumference head.

For outer (main) hat used worsted yarn and for inner hat used DK yarn.


  • main hat – Merino Gold by Seam (100% merino wool, 50g/80m) (A)
  • inner hat – Unity Light by VITA (52% acrylic, 48% wool, 100g/200m) (B)

Needles: size 4 mm, straight and circular.

Gauge: 18 sts and 32 rows = 10 x 10 cm, in Rev st st.

Main hat.


With yarn A, using straight needles size 4 mm, cast on 10 sts and work knit 1 row on WS.

Cont follow chart A through 43 rows, = 28 sts, cut yarn.


Repeat as for Flat1 but don’t cut yarn after end of row 43.

Join Flats and beg Back.

Next row (RS): work 28 sts in patt A of Flat2, cast on 6 sts (for Back), work 28 sts in patt A of Flat1. 62 sts.

Next row (WS): 28 sts in patt A, k6, 28 sts in patt A.

Next row (RS) (Inc): p1, yo, cont in patt A as set, work 6 sts in Rev st st for Back, cont in patt A as set within last st, yo, p1. 64 sts.

On WS work knit tbl over each yo.

Repeat inc 1 st each end of every RS five time more and ending on WS . 74 sts.

Beg Front.

Change to circular needle.

Next rnd: work 74 sts in patt, cast on 28 sts (for Front), place marker and join in round. 102 sts.

Next rnd: work 74 sts in patt (row 59 of chart A), p28, then purl first 5 sts and place marker for new beg of rnd.

Beg Chart B.

Rep chart B 3 times total around. At end Rnd 54 rem 6 sts.

Cut yarn, thread through rem sts, pull up and secure. Weave in loose end.

Inner hat.

Using yarn B work inner hat in St st at same size as main hat but just smaller.


Join both hats WS to WS and sew around.

Then using crochet hook work around crab sts (sc worked from left to right) inserting hook through both layers.

Make pompon and sew it on RS to top of hat.

Additional, you may to decorate your hat with flower.