wool shawl by phildar 24Knit shawl wrap with fringes.

Size: 75 cm width and 33 cm high (excluding fringe).

Yarn: 4 ball Rapido by Phildar.

Needles: size 12 mm.

Garter st: all rows – knit sts. 2 rows form one bar.

Dec at beg of row: ssk (= slip 1 st, k1 and pass over slip st)

Dec at end of row: k2tog.

Gauge (in garter st using needles size 12 mm):

15 sts = 20 cm

14 rows = 10 cm.


Cast on 55 sts and work in garter st.

Dec at each ends as folls: * 2 times on every alt row, once on next row*, rep between ** 8 times total, 2 times on every alt row.

Through 33 cm (46 rows) from beg cast off rem 3 sts.


Work 45 fringes as folls: for each cut 3 threads 55 cm long, fold them half and attach at point. Then at same way to work rem fringes, attaching them at each bar of garter st. Trim them to 23 cm long.

Translated by Knittingglobal.com from French.