Knit shawl wrap Montclair Stylish wrap for women by Pingouin. Knit shawl.

Size: 60 x 140 cm.


Yarn: Pingouin Sublime 5 balls, color 1641 (jar).

Needles: size 5.5 mm.

Gauge: 10 cm = 18 sts and 27 rows using needles 5.5 mm in fantasy pattern1.

wrap montclair chart1 wrap montclair chart2 wrap montclair key

Cast on 78 sts and work in fantasy pattern1 over chart1 for 120 cm. Cast off all sts.

Pick up and knit 95 sts across short edge and work rows 1-22 in fantasy pattern2 over chart2. Work 4 rows rev st st and cast off all sts. Repeat for other short edge.

Pick up and knit 275 sts across long edge. Work in fantasy pattern2 and finish as for short edge.

Repeat for other long edge.

Sew side edges of bands using invisible stitches.

Translated by from Portuguese.